Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Von Pea "the beatmaker"

i dont have all the sh*t but what i do have i posted
except for the tanya morgan albums that you can buy
if you dont have #7 let me know and i will post it

click the link of the album below to download

3 von pea - the words anthology (audible silence condensed) 2002 (early greatest hits)

5 von pea - "the beatmaker" 2003

6.5 von pea - custom fitted mixtape 2004

7 tanya morgan - sunlighting 2004

9.5 loosie all stars - champion hoods mixtape 200?

10 tanya morgan & che grand - w2lmm 2006* (existed for a week)

12 von pea - grand vonye 2007

14 von pea & Hov - american angster 2007


Dustin said...

thanks for these links. do you have the 'nobody' album?

thatdudedave said...

you are welcome...i am sorry i dont know about the 'nobody' album

young h said...

Dustin, if you ever read this shoot me an email at younghradio@gmail.com, i got you.

Anonymous said...

where can i the peabrain tape/tapes?

Anonymous said...


is there a proper tracklisting for,

von pea – the words anthology (audible silence condensed)

i'd appreciate it . . .


thatdudedave said...

correct tracklist...thanks von
1. do the sugafoot
2. cherry removal
3. clear the way
4. drop the needle
5. the words & why
6. just call me (part 1)
7. just call me (part 2) (feat. phonte)
8. shutta penlissen
9. effaho
10. the boom bip
11. ...
12. scissors 2
13. the words theme
14. its us


Cease said...

Can You post a link for the beatmaker and custom fitted

B-QueenBee said...

mad respect to ya homeboy,
wd luv to check out sunlighting, cuzz can't find it anywhere. can ya post if ya have a chance?

Anonymous said...

yoo could you re upload the beatmaker2003 album, the link is no longer valid. i'd appreciate it

thatdudedave said...

it's up usershare was not working well yesterday